Leaving soon

Published August 23, 2013 by iwouldlikeacupoftea
I’m leaving in 10 days, and I’ve started my pre-course. Its just a bit of homework, so its not bad. Most people here are already a few days into their first week while I’m at home enjoying a little extra freedom.

Quite a few things have ended and happened this summer. I finished my first year at school, went to Poland and fell in love with Warsaw which is an amazing city, spent the past few months riding and taking care of my horse. We’ve had 3 adorable puppies to take care of, and it’s been so much fun. I was up late at night beta reading someone’s story and devoted hours to discussing her plot so she could improve. I met up with a good friend for the first time and had a lovely time. So a lot of good things have happened, but of course those events were followed by something bad. I had to put my horse down because of illness in the beginning of August and saying goodbye for the last time was tough. The weeks after that weren’t great, but at one point you have to get back up. also had to say goodbye to many friends, although only for a year. My best friend is going to Scotland, which is really exciting for her! I thought us being four hours apart was far, but now we’re in different countries and about 7 hours away, haha.
Look at this little puppy, isn’t it adorable?
You can’t have a last day without last pictures.
I’ve worked through 4 days of the pre-course already and apart from stressing to get everything perfect its alright. I’m not looking forward to math at all (or spanish…Sssh it’s okay I’m fluent in two languages*cough*) but the subjects I have chosen seem really interesting. I chose Sociology and Psychology, and I think both of them are going to be fun. Psychology does sound very challenging, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it with hard work.
I’ve also started worrying about packing (actually I have been doing that for a while). I have to pack my life, 16 years, into two suitcases. Even though I’m gonna struggle with bringing things from home, imagine when I have been In England for a while and it’s time to go back to Norway. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of extra stuff.
I have received some questions from various people, so I’ll just answer them here.
Why did you choose to study abroad?
I think it started a few years back, when I lived in this small place. Nothing really happened there and it was just the same every single day. I wanted to find bigger things, places more important and people who had seen a larger part of the world. I wanted to live in a place surrounded with people who knew how the world worked to a small extend, who learned from things they never knew about before and a culture that was different from anything I had experienced. I developed a love for traveling, and the desire to get away and see more of the world just grew.
Why England, and did you consider any other countries?
I did consider many countries. Many years ago before I knew that I would have the chance to study abroad, I wanted to go to America. It’s so big and I felt like it was THE place to be at the time. Things constantly happened and there were all different kinds of people. I’m not sure why I stepped away from that. Although I would still like to go on a roadtrip there, I lost my interest to study there. Also, there is an ocean between there and home and at that time, it scared me. Another country that crossed my mind was New Zealand. Its such a beautiful country (says the person who has never been there) and I would love to experience it. Still, I didn’t want to study there. Scotland and Ireland were high up on my list, and I was actually just about to apply. I was also gonna apply to a school in England. I loved the culture, loved London and loved the countryside. I like the cities and the towns. I like the rain and the gloomy weather. I love the history, the old buildings, everything. So when my school offered us the chance to take our second year in York in England, I knew it was what I wanted.
Are you excited or scared?
Both, haha! Mostly excited though!
What do you hope to come back with when you return home? Experiences, lessons, knowledge, and so on?
Honestly, I’m trying to keep a really open mind. I want to see and learn as much as possible. But I hope I will grow as a person and gain a little more motivation in school. I also want to experience the culture, but other than that I’m just gonna wait and see!

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