Time to panic

Published August 30, 2013 by iwouldlikeacupoftea

As the title says, I think it’s about time to start panicking. At least a little. I’m kidding.  It’s probably not a good idea, but oh well. I’m leaving in two days, and I’m going to meet all the other exchange students tomorrow.
I’m not really sure how I’m feeling right now, and I guess I’m at that point where I’ve realized what I’m about to do. Honestly, I’m terrified. Like “trapped in a cave with a dragon” terrified. I’m also nervous, excited and sad to leave behind my family and friends. Anyways, the pre-course is now over and I think it went alright. The math was…. uhm. Yeah. Let’s not talk about that. Math isn’t my thing.
It was pretty okay to have something to work on though. I mean, of course I could have put a little more effort into editing my novel that I wrote in July. How could I though, when there were so many youtube videos and so much anime to watch. It doesn’t help that I allowed myself to start a new book either. I made this deal with myself that I can only work on two books at the time and I’m currently rewriting one and the other is just waiting for me to edit it. I don’t know why I hate editing my own things so much, but I do. I love editing other people’s stories though, it’s fun.
Anyways, I got sidetracked.


Don’t comment on my obvious packing skills. Also, we can pretend I’m only bringing one suitcase and that I haven’t overpacked?

“I’m gonna do some editing on the plane”… I won’t. I’m gonna start planning this new book. I should also start reading insurgent.
I don’t actually have anything more to say now, so I’m gonna watch an episode of Attack on Titan and then maybe consider going to bed.



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