Getting lost and horses

Published September 5, 2013 by iwouldlikeacupoftea

I had to be at school early today, so we left a little past 8 just to be sure we would make it. Well… I guess we took a wrong turn somewhere and we ended up far away from the college. I’m pretty sure we took the longest way possible and we actually walked for about an hour. We were late and my class was moved so I had to get there. Not that I have any idea where the classrooms are, but I got there eventually. We had lots of time off today and we didn’t actually do much.


I walked home with some other people which meant I didn’t get lost. That’s an achievement. It’s not that far to school you actually walk the right way. Anyways, I don’t have school until 1 tomorrow. It’s good because I can sleep in and it sucks because I’m not done until 16:30.

We went for a walk after I got home and fed the horses, they’re so cute!



They’re so close to where I live and it’s great! We took another walk later and we went up to a farm with horses.
Also, I found out that I’m not as good at directions as I thought.

My dog back home needed some spotlight, because I miss her tons already.

I never thought I would be in bed before 10 ever again, but that might actually happen.  I have no idea how I can be so tired or how I have been able to fall asleep so early, but it’s not a bad thing. Says the person who usually stays up until at least 2am and to 5/6am, but lets not talk about that.


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