3 weeks

Published September 23, 2013 by iwouldlikeacupoftea

I’ve been in England for 3 weeks, and life has once again settled into some kind of routine. I get up, go to school, do homework or go to the stables, eat dinner, do more homework and then go to bed. Really interesting. I’ve spent most days after school riding, which is great. It’s a nice place, the horses are amazing and it’s so much fun to be riding again! It had been so long (3 months, sssh) that it was driving me insane.
Anyways, I changed subjects. I wouldn’t have thought I would drop Psychology, but I did. It was one of the subjects I’ve been looking forward to taking, but it wasn’t at all what I expected. I wanted another subject that I enjoyed and could continue with in Norway, so I had to pick another one. Now I have English Literature, and It’s been alright. Joining a new class after 2 weeks of school is hard, and in the classes I have been in I’ve just been confused at what was going on. I bought the books we’re reading today, so I’m very slowly catching up. It’s hard though, as I don’t know the correct words for a lot of things. I’m sure I’ll learn.

We’re reading and analyzing this. I mean, I love watching plays, but I can do without reading them. I’ve read a chapter (still a little behind) and I survived. I’m seriously considering to just watch the movie. I don’t think I can get away with it, but all these relationships are complicated.


This is the other book we’re reading and I’m perfectly happy with this. I’ve read already (although it’s been a while) and it’s a great book!

I also changed to GCSE spanish, if I didn’t already mention it. I might have done. Anyways, I bet you all saw that coming. I was at ride-away to look for some chaps and somehow I didn’t do what I usually do. I tend to buy everything that’s pink just because it’s pink, and then you end up with a lot of pink stuff and no horse.


I was not sure whether to get these or all pink ones, but come on. If I had bright pink chaps I couldn’t wear pink breeches because that would have been too much even for me. I’m pretty smart, you see.
That’s all I’ve been up to the last week. I have a Spanish Essay to write and I’m really looking forward to it…. Not. But I’m going riding tomorrow and on Wednesday I’m going bowling with a bunch of international students, so that should be fun.



Also, I’m waiting for a little something that should come sometime next week. It better come next week, I don’t wanna wait for any longer. Spoiler: It’s not Norwegian food because I’m doing great without it. I’ve been wanting this for a while and I can finally get things without paying an insane amount for shipping. Hint: It’s something that I don’t need at all.


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