1 month!

Published October 1, 2013 by iwouldlikeacupoftea

I’ve been here for one month now! That means there are only 9 months left. Crazy! Time has gone so fast. A few things have happened, although schoolwork has kept me busy. Apparently you get less than half an hour to write a complete Essay, which is insane. I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t write a good essay in that amount of time. When it comes to writing, I need to know everything is perfect and I like to take my time. I also have a lot to say on certain topics.

On Saturday I was just gonna take a small trip into the city centre to get a book for next Friday, but I met up with a group of girls who were also going. I ended up joining them and my quick trip wasn’t that quick anymore, haha.

We walked around and shopped, but I was good and did not buy too much. I didn’t buy any clothes or shoes, although I did need them. We all found something to eat at the foodfestival, and I had noodles. It was really good, but really spicy.

Then we were all thirsty so we went to find a place we could buy Milkshake. There was a shop a little further up the street and they had so many flavours!


The most exciting thing was that they sold Bertie Botts every flavoured beans and chocolate frogs! I didn’t get them, but I probably will next time. I ordered an Orea milkshake, and although it was nice it was really sickening.

Since I went to the city to get a book, I visited a bookshop across the street. They didn’t have the books I was looking for, but the books were really cheap and I went a little crazy. I bought 2 books and only paid 3 pounds! I could have bought more books and I would, but I didn’t wanna carry them around and I still needed to get the book I wanted. We walked around for a little while longer and bought some things.

I bought tickets for a gig and invited Anette, so that’s gonna be fun!

Since we were all pretty tired of walking around, a large bookshop was the last shop we went to. I didn’t find the book I wanted to get, but I found two Shades of London books by Maureen Johnson, so I just got both of them. Yolo, right? I’m so sorry for using that. So next friday I’m going to a Maureen Johnson book signing and I think I might die of excitement.


Don’t ask me how many “Guide’s to Tolkien” I own because I don’t wanna talk about it. Come on, they had four in the store and I think I did a good job only grabbing one. The other book is Skarlet by Thomas Emson. I have never heard of it before or even seen it, but the front page was interesting. Shady characters with hoods is a thing now and they make great book covers. There is just something about them that screams “read me”. The last time I thought that the book wasn’t as good as I thought and I didn’t finish it.

Anyways, on Sunday I went to a horse show. I watched the jumping classes and it was a lot of fun! Despite my lack of experience, I miss it and would love to get back to competing a bit. Back to jumping, rather. I’m far too used to my own pony and the horse I used to ride, so It’s good with variation. I miss them both tons, as I’m that kind of person that gets really close to a horse and then kinda forget to ride other horses. Not that it’s bad to stick to the same ones, but it’s strange to try new horses. It’s fun though!

Chilling at school with Amalie!


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