The Arrival of December

Published December 4, 2013 by iwouldlikeacupoftea

Where has November gone? Well, it’s December soon which means Christmas. I’m not one of those super festive person, but I’m just happy there isn’t a meter of snow and low temperatures as there would be in Norway. Positivity. York looks so pretty now that the Christmas decorations are up!



It’s been really busy in town lately because of the market. Everyone is doing their Christmas shopping. I would love to say I have done all of mine, but I still have some gifts left to buy.
There are fairy lights everywhere and it’s cute!


I was in town with the sweetest Kaja last weekend. Because of the crowd we didn’t feel like going to the market or shopping, so we went around looking at prom dresses way out of our price range. It was certainly a good way to spend a Saturday!


The fact that it’s December and there is no snow is very strange to me, as that just doesn’t happen in Norway. I’m not complaining though. The weather still says it’s fall. It’s been nice taking long walks with the dog despite the cold!



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