End of Christmas break

Published January 12, 2014 by iwouldlikeacupoftea

After having a good and relaxing time in Norway, I’m now back in England. I’m desperately trying to catch up on schoolwork I should have done and revising for mock exams. I have a ton of coursework in English literature which is incredibly challenging. Mock exams are also way, way, WAY harder than in Norway. January is now officially known as “the month from hell”. If I survive, I will be so impressed.


Since I’ve been so busy with College, I’ll post some pictures I took while I was at home. I probably wont go home again until we go back in June (which I don’t want to think about) because I decided to travel somewhere with a friend during the Easter break. Not everything is certain yet, but we might or might not go to Cardiff! I’m also going to London next month, and I’m so excited.
20131228_143240 20131228_143243

My father came and saw my brother and I again, which was nice. There is a VERY limited amount of things you can do where I live, so we went to the old fortress. I’m sure it’s interesting if you’ve never been there before, but I’ve been there too often in the year that I lived there. The museum was closed (what a shame, it’s not like I’ve been there a handful of times), but we walked around for a bit. I had a good day though!
20131228_143312 20131228_143547  20131228_143554
You’re probably scrolling past these pictures, all confused, asking yourself where the snow is.  It’s January and it’s Norway. Hallo? I have no idea what happened to winter, but it did not reach us this year. It snowed twice while I was there, and it melted straight away. Usually we have an insanely low temperature and 2 meters of snow. Weird. I wasn’t complaining though, despite the rain.
Y20131228_144035  20131228_144055  20131228_144142

There was this little cave by the fortress. I’m still not sure if we were allowed to go in, but we did because the door was open. Rule breakers.


Sleep puppy! I already miss her so much, she means the world to me and I wont see her in 6 months. It was so amazing to see her again, as I’ve never been away from her longer than 2 weeks. She seemed so happy to have me home and I had missed cuddling with her. It was like I had never been gone. Even after 4 months, she followed me around everywhere like she used to do. Most dogs would be a bit obnoxious, but she never is. Although she is aging and might be a bit deaf, she is always paying attention to me and she always has. Whenever I open my door to leave my room, she is right there haha. I’m 100% she is the best dog in the world.


My brother ordered this bracelet but didn’t want it, so I got myself a new Harry Potter bracelet with the Deathly hallows and the golden snitch.


I also ate lots of Chinese food, yum! This was from when my mum and I were in Sweden the day before I left. The Chinese restaurant had amazing food!

20140105_143952 20140105_144006
I also went on lots of walks with the dog and made sure to socialize our new puppy in my way, with lots of cuddles and picking it up. He weighs like 20 pounds but he is tiny and looks like a giant fluffy teddy bear. He is so sweet, I miss him haha.


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