Sneak peak of a short story

Published January 27, 2014 by iwouldlikeacupoftea

Since I haven’t done anything interesting or had time for anything except homework/revision (and coffee, but you make time for that), I don’t have anything to blog about. I’m definitely living the wild student life.

100% irrelevant picture, deal with it

I’ve been working on a short story lately, and it’s coming together quite well. I’m not good at short stories because I’m unable to keep it short, but I felt like writing something that didn’t require a ton of world building. Disclaimer: I am in no way a professional (obviously), nor am I incredibly talented. I just write because I like it, not because I’m good at it. Since I do want to send it in, I can’t post too much, but here is the intro and an introduction to the two main characters. I’m probably gonna regret posting this, ain’t I? Also, I apologize in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes. I swear I’m not stupid, pressing the right buttons is just hard.

Dancing is out of the question
The world can turn darker than Black. Not by the sun, nor by the fall of night.
Control is power. Power is poison.
Humans are bred to serve, their worth as a human being reduced to nothing.
Lords playing with dark magic, Kings and Queens with no sense of kindness or love.
Decades of war changes people. Some grow bitter or cruel. Others become haunted by fear.
New generations are born into a world where their destiny is already decided.

Luhan paced around, the heels of his suede shoes clicking against the cold marble. The candle on the table cast a dim light across the room.
Despite the cold of the tower, droplets of sweat formed on his forehead.
The blue silk of his cloak had been stained by mud and created a trail of dirt behind him. A longsword rested against his hip, the handle matching the gold of his crown.
Luhan clenched his fist and closed his eyes, trying to block the shouting out.
There was a knock on the door.
«Come in» He said, not pausing.
A servant entered, a trembling torch in her hand. She bowed so deeply that the tip of her nose brushed the floor.
«My lord, the king wants to speak with you.» She told him, her voice barely a whisper.
Luhan froze.
«And what does my dear father want?» He said, bitterly.
The servant cleared her throat, shuffled back and forth.
«Uhm, my lord, there is a rebellion down by the upper gate. He requests you see to it»
«Ah, so I’m free from this prison cell so that I can clean up his dirty work? Very well. Thank you. You are dismissed.» Luhan sighed, shrugging off his coat.
He waved his hand at the servant, who pulled back to the dark staircase of the tower. Luhan tucked a blond curl behind his ear and straightened his shirt before leaving.

Delaina pulled the hood of her cloak over her head and kept her eyes locked on the floor. With a lively stride, she made her way through the crowd. She took a deep breath as the shouting and crying swallowed her. People were pushing each other, stumbling around and yet there was a fire burning in their eyes. A few dozen slaves, all drawn out from the farms, mines and building areas. They were dressed in grey rags with matching slippers, and the women had pulled their hair up into a bun. Some of them wore scarves over their heads, while all the men had short shaven hair and stains of ash or coal on their worn faces. A handful of them still had their working tools in their hands and an elderly woman had a basket on her head. The man on the front row waved their fists around and yelled of justice. That was the thing about people who were born into slavery. They didn’t know how to demand things, how to start a motion. Although they were crying, with streaks from the superiors whips still burning on their backs, they would soon return to their destined work. That’s what always happened.
Delaina stopped behind a broad man with a sign in his hand. Her parents had taught her to read, but that was a skill long forgotten.
«Excuse me, what is going on?» She asked him, curiously peeking out from behind him.
Her gaze met the massive walls that separated the castle from the rest of the city. The gates were closed and the guards marched along, their mouths a thin line and their glassy eyes staring ahead. It was like they didn’t notice the notion below them, but Delaina knew they did. They just didn’t care.
«I do not answer a faceless girl» The broad man replied, tossing a quick glance down at her.
Delaina pulled back into the crowd, covering her eyes with the dark hood.
«Faceless is my shield. It means safety.» She replied coolly.
A smile lurked on the edge of his lips. His tanned skin glistened in the sun.
«We want a higher wage. None of us can feed our children who are yet to turn the working age.» He explained.
Someone screamed behind her and pointed at the gates. Slowly, the heavy stone was set in to motion. The gates were opening. In an instant, the sounds died out and the crowd was left in a heavy silence. Most took a step back, but those who had found courage in their hearts remained where they were.
Delaina disappeared into the crowd.


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