Creative writing and gig

Published February 5, 2014 by iwouldlikeacupoftea

Apart from being Ill, I’ve actually been able to drag myself out of bed to do something.

Saturday Camilla came over to stop me from drowning in self pity. She decided to sleep over and we bonded by being on tumblr together. Friends like that are the best. We did a lot of productive things, like watch High school musical and sing along. Then I encountered the proudest moment of my life. A moment of silence please.
This game needs to be burned.

On Sunday I met up with these girls to go to a gig. Not even illness could stop me from going because I’m strong. Not really.

Blind Eye and the glass caves played, and it was fun. I swear I don’t just go to see the same band over and over again, nor am in any way sponsored to write about them. They just happen to play when I want to go to a gig. Does that make sense? Probably not. Also, I forget taking pictures or writing about the other ones, so I need my friends to constantly remind me.
Monday I had creative writing after college, and this was our second session. It lasted for two hours, and we are currently around 3-5 people. We ate tasty snacks, drank coffee/tea and did a writing exercise. It was challenging as we only got a title and had to describe what our characters could hear, taste, smell, see and so on. After a short break, we read them aloud to each other and it was great to hear what the others had come up with.
Then we read our 50 word short stories to each other. We had to write one for homework, and it was so hard! I had to rewrite my little story so many times, because I kept ending up with either 49 words or 51. Typical. I managed to at least produce something decent in the end though. Then we work shopped some of our own writing, where I read some horrible stuff I had written when I was 12. It was painful and awkward. The lonely busride where I was the only on the bus gave me some time to suffers from the shame I felt.
Oh well. Since our next meeting isn’t until the 3rd of march (London trip soon, yay!), our homework is to write a short story between 750-1200 words. That should be fun! We could choose between 3 titles, which are “the trap”, “the voice” and “an evening”. I already have some ideas for it, so once the pile of homework decreases (or should I say IF), I’ll try to work on that.


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