Scotland Adventures – Lossiemouth part 2

Published April 10, 2014 by iwouldlikeacupoftea

We went to the harbor and wandered around there for a while, and if there is one thing Henri and I are good at, its doing weird photoshoots. And get lost. We had some time to spare and we had an awesome background, so we had some fun taking (mostly) weird pictures.

At times like these I wished I brought my camera bag, no matter how bulky and obnoxious it is, so I would have other lenses to play with. Oh well.


Lazy Sunday outfit.
Cardigan and shoes: H&M
Top and purse: New Look
Skirt and leggings: Primark
The scarf was a gift, its so cosy and adorable! I’m wearing a lilac nail polish because it’s officially spring time and it needs to be celebrated. This one is Pale lilac by Claire’s.


Made Henri do a cheesy jumping picture, glad with how it turned out. It took a lot of attempts and a lot of jumps from her part, but in the end I succeeded at getting a cool picture.


After basically having a stroll on the walls and then proceeding to have a photoshoot there, we found this sign.

We are (unintentional) rule breakers.





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