Birthday celebration

Published May 18, 2014 by iwouldlikeacupoftea


After having my English Literature Exam on the 16th of May, which went surprisingly.. okay, we celebrated Norwegian Day at college. We had Norwegian sausages and cake, and we sang the national anthem! There were Norwegian flags everywhere and loads of the Norwegians got flags painted in their faces, haha. It was great!


A bunch of my friends and I went out for dinner at a restaurant called Byron for my friend Kaja’s birthday. I want to wish her a very Happy Birthday and I hope she had a nice day/evening đŸ™‚ We gave he our gifts and I made her cry with mine, which I hope is a compliment.

Food picture, because this burger was sooo nice.

We went for a walk along the walls of York, which was fun. Not all the way around, as I was wearing heels and my feet were bleeding. Apart from that, it was a nice little adventure.

Amalie and Kaja being cool



And then it was an early(ish) night, because Saturday I had to get up early (with that I mean before 12) to meet up at York University to Celebrate the 17th of May, or Norwegian day. There will be a blog about it soon!


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